50 Frank Belgium
Obverse side 1000 Francs Belgium 1937Reverse side 1000 Francs Belgium 1937
Country: Belgium Belgium
Year: 1937
Personality: King Albert 1
Value: 1000 Francs
Creator Both Sides: Jean-François Freund, Guillaume Minguet,François Poortman
Money Type:Paper money
After the end of the First World War, banknotes in the ‘National’ series feature patriotism and the reconstruction of the country. The 1,000 franc note focuses on the historical importance of the Flemish textile industry, represented by the lacemaker and the Ypres Cloth Hall. The Gravensteen Castle in Ghent and the Yser plain are also included, as are the coats of arms of West and East Flanders.
Source: The Belgian Banknote