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Marshall Islands

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Map of Marshall Islands
Map of Marshall Islands
Current Currency:United States dollar (USD)
Official Languages:Marshallese, English
Ethnic Groups:Marshallese, Mixed Marshallese
Religions:Christianity, Irreligious
Country Calling Code:+692
Top Level Domain:.mh
ISO Alpha-2 Country Code:MH
ISO Alpha-3 Country Code:MHL
Current weather in Marshall Islands
Current weather in
Majuro, Marshall Islands Marshall Islands

Local time is 05:31, 22 July 2024
Light Rain
28.43 °C Feels like 33.02 °C
Sunrise at 06:26
Sunset at 18:54
1010 hpa
Temperature is from 28.43 °C to 28.43 °C
Wind is 5.9 m/s
Clouds: 58 %
exchange rates
Exchange Rates on 21 July 2024 at 06:00
1 EUR = 1,0887 USD
1 USD = 0,9185 EUR